Team 702 Timeline

Bagel Bytes Team 702 has a proud tradition of being a student driven team that accepts anyone willing to learn, commit, and work towards a common goal.

Students on the team have had disabilities like Dyslexia, come from low-income backgrounds, have experienced upheavals in their families, and come from social groups that are not typically associated with science and engineering.

What unifies and drives the members from so many diverse backgrounds is the accepting family atmosphere and a desire to do something with their lives.

Because of Team 702, many former team members have gone to college and continued their education in the sciences.

  • 2001

    Team founded by coach Tammy Swanson, Gary Katayama, and current mentor Alfredo.

    Attended Southern California Regional, handed out bagels, scored second highest rookie seed
  • 2002

    Went to Championships in Orlando, FL
  • 2005

    Seeded in Southern California Regional, made it to quarters
  • 2006

    Tammy Swanson's last year as coach of the team
  • 2007

    Alex Davis becomes Team 702's second Coach
  • 2008

    Finalist at Los Angeles Regional before being elminated in 2 matches
  • 2010

    Attended Championships in Atlanta, GA
  • 2011

    Attend San Diego Regional for the first time.

    Robot caught fire at Los Angeles Regional, executed massive repairs and ended up chosen to go to the quarter finals and were elminated in 3 matches.
  • 2012

    At San Diego Regionals, Team won their first Judges Award, the Innovation in Control Award for an omnidirectional drive system and the use of both gyro and ultrasonic "sonar" sensors to aid in autonomous scoring. Chosen to go to the quarter finals and was elminated in 2 matches.

    At the Los Angeles Regionals, Team won their second Judges Award, the Creativity Award, a tribute to the simple yet effective dunking mechanism. The team ranked 2nd out of a field of 66 teams after the qualifying matches and made it to Semi-Finals before being eliminated in 3 matches.

    Attended the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis Mo, Team ranked 12th in the Curie division out of a field of 100 teams from around the world. The team was the 1st alternate during the finals .
  • 2013

    A Regional Occupations Program Robotic Engineering course is being offered at Culver City High School

    Took 3rd place at Fall Classic off season competition and won the judges award for creativity in design.

    Chosen to go to the Quarter Finals and was elminated in 2 matches.

    Built a robotics ringbearer for team mentor Ray's wedding.
  • 2014

    Team co-founder and long time mentor Alfredo wins the Woody Flowers Award. Congradulations Alfredo, there is no one that deserves it more than you!
  • 2015

    The team builds 2 robots, first time having a dedicated practice robot.

    Attended the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis Mo.
  • 2016

    Chosen to go to Quarter Finals, made it to Semi-Finals before being eliminated in 2 matches.

    Was hired to appear in an episode of "The Fosters" on the Freeform network. The team supplied 3 robots for the shoot as well as several props, and omni-directional drive robot for another episode, and extras in the form of team members to appear as 2 seperate teams.