About the name Bagel Bytes

    When a team registers with the FIRST Organization as a new team, they are assigned the next number on the list. So we were the 702nd team to register.
    After being assigned a number, each team must pick a name. Many teams pick names that are variants of the term nerd, some animal they like, electronic components, or something totally silly. No one on the team now was present when the team name was picked. (This includes Alfredo who swears he had NOTHING to do with the name and was not there.) So this is the story that was passed on to Davis and now to you.
    The original sponsors of the team were NASA, and Noah's Bagels. Although Noah's only supplied free day old bagels to the team, it allowed the team to sell bagels, and even give them out at early competitions. So when the different names were nominated, one was taking the team's abundance of free bagels and doing a goof on the frozen snack with the computer term "byte". The rest of the choices are lost to the mists of time, but after that vote, the "Bagel Bytes" were born.