"For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" FIRST

    FIRST is an organization based in Manchester NH. Founded by Inventor Dean Camen and MIT Professor Woodie Flowers, The first FIRST robotics competition took place in a high school gym in New Hampshire with 28 teams as a way to interest young people in the fields of Science, Math. Engineering, and Technology. Since then, FIRST has expanded with new divisions to reach elementary and middle school students as well as reaching across the country and around the world. FIRST Robotics Competitions are a sport of the mind, requiring just as much hard work and dedication as any competitive athletic high school team. To further the athletic analogy, if a high school robotics team were an athletic team, FIRST would be the equivalent to CIF in California. It is the organization within which we compete, who sets out the rules, and organizes the competitions.

    The main ideal of the FIRST organization is "Gracious Professionalism". People are always asked what they think this means. And while this could be just copied off of the FIRST website, it is always better to know what an individual thinks they mean. Essentially, Gracious Professionalism is behaving with respect to all those around you. Every student, mentor, and coach involved with a team has been through the same trials, late nights, hard work, stress, joys, successes, and failures. Every team and every member of a team is deserving of the same level of respect that is shown to the members of your own team. On the field, we all will compete to the fullest that we are capable. But off the field, we are all there for each other, willing to help or encourage. Because after all, the goal of everyone in FIRST is to advance the field of science, math and engineering. Beyond the competitions, that is really why we do this.

    To find out more about FIRST, click here to go to the FIRST Robotics Website.