Our Coach


  • Years on the team:

  • Davis graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Although he enjoyed electronic design, he quickly discovered that he truly enjoyed teaching more. Davis soon after attended and graduated from Pepperdine University with a Masters of Arts degree in Education and teaching credential in math.

    Half way through the month before Davis was to start his first year of teaching, he got a call from the chair of the math department. She was the coach of the school robotics team and had decided to move to northern California. With her gone, the team was without a coach and was hoping that since Davis had an engineering background he might want to take over. Davis knew that the Robotics team required a lot of time and energy to run and said he would think about it. She finished the call saying there was no one else to take it and if he did not take over the team would shut down for good. Davis could not live with the destruction of the school robotics team on his head and so with only 2 weeks to prepare, Davis agreed. It would be wonderful if the story ended with Davis handling the first year teaching flawlessly and leading the team to a first place victory. However only in fairy tales do such things happen. What really happened was the robot was a hopeless failure and Davis wasnt sure he was going to live through the combined stress of first year teaching and long hours of the robotics team.

    Obviously Davis survived, and even when given the oportunity by the school to leave the team, he chose to stay. Currently Davis is teaching both math and a new Robotics Engineering class. And after many seasons of teaching and coaching he could not imagine doing anything else. When asked why he still does it, Davis just says, "because it's fun-why would I ever want to quit." Now THERE'S a happily ever after.