About Team 702

    With little more than a NASA grant, a helpful boy friend, and some willing students, Team 702 was started by Ms. Tammy Swanson, a math teacher at Culver City High School in 2001. She established the team to give students a way to learn about engineering and potentially go into the engineering field when they graduate. The focus then was get something built and on the field. In 2006 Ms. Swanson left CCHS and handed the team over to new coach, Mr. Alex Davis.

    Over the years, the team makeup has changed. When the team began, it was dominated by male students interested in robots and, possibly, engineering. Over the years, girls started joining the team. Often as girlfriends of members curious about the team that occupies the lives of their boy friends, these girls found out they enjoyed the building and the application of math and science they were learning. They started telling their friends and bringing more girls to the team and introducing them to engineering and sciences when previously they would never have considered as a possible future. Now the girls dominate Team 702.

    In the last 4 years, the team has increased its focus on engineering design and a business plan to keep the team sustainable. As a result, the team now has 3 major sponsors and around 10 smaller ones. The team has also branched out to assist other schools in the area. As of right now, Team 702 works with Hamilton High School and Los Angeles High school giving them space to work and assistance in robot design and construction. Students on the team have also began mentoring 7 new robotics teams at El Rincon Elementary school for entry into the FIRST Lego League Robotics Competition next year. And the team has a dedicated core of students and volunteers that feel more like family than a competitive team.