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    I used to neurotically check that everything was properly bolted and tightened because my 1st year I had happened upon a lot of loose bolts and we even had a battery fall off in competition. One day, I was struggling with a bolt that I didn't know was still spinning because of a washer, not because it was too loose. I overtorqued it and the bolt sheared. Sadly, this damaged the most expensive part on the electronics board and there was no fix other than to buy a new one. Epic fail.
  • Coach's version:

    $180, the most expensive name on the team. And she felt really bad about it too, but this is what I told her. First, tools break. So do parts. Any time you build something there will be broken something. Second, these "$180" power distribution boards were so cheaply made that I am surprised she was the first to break one. So we bought a new one and dropped a name on her commemorating the breaking of the most expensive bolt on the robot.