NAME: F^3
    YEAR: 2012
    TAGLINE:"Go to the Rim!"

  • Ranking and Awards:

    San Diego Regional:

    26 out of 56
    Chosen to Quarter finals, eliminated in 2 matches
    Won Innovation in Control award

    Los Angeles Regional:

    2 out of 66
    Seeded as second aliance captain, eliminated in the semi finals in 3 matches.
    Won Creativity award

    FIRST Championship Event in St. Louis:

    12 out of 100
    Record: (5-4-0)
  • Drivetrain:

    Direct Drive
    Mecanum Wheel Omni-Drive
    Bi-level extruded aluminum frame
  • Mechanism:

    Chain Drive
    PVC Barrel Ball Collector
    Polycord-Pulley ball elevator
    Chain Lift Scoring Tower Extender
    Vex driven Ball ejector
    PVC retractable scoring ramp
  • Software and Control

    Language: Windriver C++
    Driver interface: dual XBOX360 Controllers
    Gyro sensor to maintain course
    Ultrasonic Sonar Range Finder
    Limit switch Tower extension control
  • Autonomous function:

    Drive straight forward and score in middle basket
    Result: 10 points
    Reliability: 95%


  • Field:

    4 basketball baskets on each side. Field divided by a 4 inch tall steel rectangular bump with 3 teeter totter style ramps over it.

    Primary Scoring:

    A stylized version of Basketball with 8 inch Foam filled balls and regulation basketball baskets. The top basket is worth 3 points, the 2 middle baskets are worth 2 points, the bottom basket is worth 1 point. Robots may only carry 3 balls at one time and scored balls are returned by the human players.

    Bonus Endgame:

    Balancing a robot on their alliance bridge is worth 10 points and 2 robots 20 points. One robot from each alliance on the center bridge receives extra qualifying points but no points for the match.

    **Elimination round change:

    center bridge worth nothing, 3 robots on their alliance bridge is worth 40 points.

    Autonomous Scoring

    3 points are added to the basket value for each ball scored.


    (Penalties are 3 points awarded to the opposing alliance) Robot contact in protected zones at the free throw line and ball return alley. Touching opposing alliance bridge. Pinning another robot. extending above 5 feet tall in the opposing alliance half of the field.
  • Watch the Game Animation here.

Coach's Notes

    "Frank Ferguson I" or F^3 is the most advanced robot we have ever made. The first comes from all the firsts this robot had. It is the first omni driven robot for the team, the first robot (at least in my time on the team) to have a custom frame that does not use the kit C-Channel, and it is the first robot to attend 3 competitions in a single season. It is also the first robot to be ranked 2nd, and the first robot to win 2 judges' design awards.

    It drives like a first person shooter video game making the driver control very intuitive, and its scoring mechanism was ultra reliable. It also had the most accurate autonomous mode I have seen in 6 years on the team.

    As for the design, we did the math, except we didn't do the same math problem everyone else did. The ramp may extend 11.5 inches outside of the robot, the basket is 15 inches from the fender, an 8 inch diameter ball can roll over a 3.5 inch gap, the result is dunking. And in any basketball game, shooting is unreliable, but dunking scores again and again. Maybe we get fewer points, but we score them way faster than anyone else on the field.