Introducing Slack (Team Information):

    In an effort to organize our team more and provide an easy way for Davis, Kenny and Ezra to make announcements we are requiring all team members to join the Bagel Bytes Slack account. Slack is a team/business application that allows members of a team or company to get in touch with one another, collaborate, make announcements and send files... It is avaliable on all mediums of communication (iOS, Google Play, Windows, Mac, Linux) and is fast and lightweight. Ezra will be inviting each member individually to the general channel and your coresponding sub-team channel.

    This is a trial run with this program. As such, please feel free to direct questions, comments and concerns to Ezra, Davis or "Kenny". If you wish to be confidential, email Ezra on his team email address (

    Once you are in the slack application private message Ezra and confirm you are in the Slack channel. Everyone must be in the Slack channel by Thursday.

    We recommend putting your notification settings for your sub-team channel to "mentions and highlighted words" and the general channel to "all activities" to avoid unnecessary notifications. We also recommend "memeing" and "casual chatting" in the random channel to avoid disrupting the work flow.


Team 702 Leadership Changes

    May 20th 2016

    Congratulations to Ezra "Zelda" on the position of Captain and Kenny "Cheeto Bandito" on the position of Chef Engineer, we wish them good luck! Subteam leaders will be announced on a later date and are being decided on.

FIRST Stronghold Ventura Regional

    March 23rd - 26th 2016

    Ventura was a massive success for the team as we showed our true colors, making it passed qualifiers and quarterfinals chosen by the 4th alliance seed, only to get stopped in the semifinals by the stacked 1st alliance seed that ended up taking the win at Ventura. As a team our robot was ranked 25th, but we were ranked 3rd overall. Something to take note of; our alliance came closest to beating the champions of Ventura over anyone else, a true accomplishment in our eyes.

High School Back to School Night

    September 30 2015

    Thank you to all of you who donated supplies for this fundraiser. We completely sold out and made a lot of money. We still have a long way to go fundraising though so keep watch here for future events.

Culver City Middle School Back to School Night Demo

    September 16 2015

    CCMS invited us to have a robot demo and run a bake sale at their Back to School Night. The event was a great success. Many future High School students got a good look at our frisbee robot and our bake sale sold completely out. Thank you to all members for donating your time and baked goods. Also thank you to Culver City Middle School for supporting the CCHS Robotics Team!

Haunted House 2015

    October 26-30 2015

    Making nearly $1000 this was a very successful year for the Haunted House Fundraiser. Thank you to all the actors, builders, and of course the customers who are brave enough to face our haunted house year after year.

Fundraiser at Blaze Pizza

    September 23 2015

    We held a very successful fundraiser at Blaze pizza. Thank you to everyone that supported the team.


    April 22 - 25 2015

    The team qualified to go to the FIRST Robotics Championships in St. Louis! The team was extremely excited when we got the news while driving to the San Diego Competition. By the end, we had ranked 51st against the best of the best which was incredible considering our performance at the regionals. Congratulations to the entire team!

Fundraiser at Live Right Acai

    April 16 2015

    The Team had to raise a lot of money to help team members go to the Robotics Championships in St Louis last year. We would like to recognize Live Right Acai, the smoothie shop on Washington and Tilden near La Ballona who held a fundraiser to help out. Thank you so much for your support.

San Diego Regional Competition

    April 2nd through 4th

    The Bagel Bytes ranked 45th out of 60 teams at the FIRST San Diego Regional Competition. While the ranking may look low, it does not tell the story of this event. We started out having problems with our new mechanism meaning we scored very low, maybe 6 to 10 points. In the second half, we were regularly scoring 48 points, carrying our alliances as the primary scoring robot. Unfortunately this years ranking is based on the average score of a robot. So although we were doing exceptionally well in our last 5 matches, it was not enough to make up for the low scores earlier when averaged together. And although we did not make it into the quarter finals, its hard to be disappointed when we have already qualified for championships with a fully functional robot.

Los Angeles Regional Competiton

    March 11-14 2015

    We finished ranked 65 out of 66. There was a major flaw in our design that could not be fixed at the competition that made the can unable to balance and tip out every time. The result was box only stacks with really low scores. The problem was easily fixed once we returned home and the flaw was gone by the time we left for San Diego.

Science Fair at El Marino

    May 30, 2014

    We went to El Marino Elementary to demonstrate robotics at their science fair. Similar to El Rincon, many kids enjoyed seeing the robot and got more interested in technology.

"Science Rocks" at El Rincon

    May 16, 2014

    We went to El Rincon Elementary to demonstrate robotics at their annual science fair. It was a fun event and all the kids enjoyed seeing the robot and began showing interest in a future ion technology.

Farewell to mentor Clay

    Our Mentor Clay left us for a new job on the east coast. He will be greatly missed.

Los Angeles Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

    March 20-22, 2014

    The LA Regional Competition did not go very well. We ended Friday ranked 10th, but then lost every match on Saturday due to some extremely bad luck. I still want to congratulate everyone on the team for their hard work, we had a good season, now we need to get ready for the next one.

Central Valley Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

    March 7-9, 2014
    Central Valley Regional FIRST Robotics Competition

    Despite more breakdowns and repairs than any robot in the last 8 years, The robot finished 13th out of 45 teams. Unfortunately it did not make the quarter finals. However a special recognition needs to go to the drive team. Even with half the robot constantly breaking down, they still managed to play and compete and make a contribution to each alliance through both scoring and defense. Congradulations to Chris "Mostaza", Aly "Fluffy Headed Fiend" and Amaris "Noodles"

Build Season 2014

    January 4 - February 18, 2014

    With a week and a half of pure design and near complete CAD, we built the new robot for competition with a catapult and omni drive. Thank you to all team members who spent the long nights and especially the weekends working on the robot.

Engineering Week Games at Raytheon

    Wednesday February 19 2014

    CCHS sent a team of 3 robotics team members to the 14th annual Engineering Games at Raytheon. The CCHS team, along with the Milken Community High School team, won 1st place by a wide margin by building a device that locks on to a light source and maintains its orientation despite rotating the platform it sat on. Congratulations to team members Chris "Mostaza", Lani "80s Rewind", and Mario "Chickie Moo".

Fall Classic

    October 19, 2013

    The Bagel Bytes participated in the "Fall Classic" off season competition on Saturday October 19. The 2013 robot, Sir Nicholas, went into action again and promptly fell on his face. However, despite a couple setbacks with balance and deployment of the shooter, we ranked 7 out of 30 teams. During alliance selections we got bumped into the 6th seed position and were chosen by the 4th seeded Loyola High School "Killabyte Cubs" as their alliance partners. Although we were defeated in the first round of the quarter finals, everyone present had fun. So congratulations to the team and the final alliance. Click here to see the alliance "Killabyte Cubs", "Circuit of Life", "Omnicats", and "Bagel Bytes"

Chabola Field Dedication

    September 6, 2013

    CCHS Dedicated the new field before holding the first football game of the year on it. The ceremony featured members of all the CCHS teams, including the Robotics team. We showed off our newly reconstructed frizbee shooting robot running it sideways down the bleachers firing frizbees into the crowd. Pictures will be coming soon.

Space Day

    August 2, 2013

    The team was invited to do a robot demonstration at Space Day at the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center. The RoboKongs and Code Orange were also part of the demo. The 3 teams had the oportunity to explain their robots to the little kids and show off the very different frizbee flinging mechanisms of the 3 robots. We will have pictures up soon so keep watch here for when they get uploaded.

Mentor Ray's Wedding

    July 21, 2013

    The ringbearer, now named F-R0D0, performed perfectly at Ray and Katie's wedding. The flower arangements, mounted by Arielle "Brownie" and Amaris "Noodles", were beautiful and the robot was a huge hit for everyone.

    Click here to see the F-R0D0 profile page with pictures and a link to the video.

    The following comes from Mentor Ray:

    "Thank you to everyone who helped with FR0D0. Katy and I loved it and it made our day truly special. See you in the fall."

New Projects for the rest of the school year

    APRIL 8, 2013
    We have a lot of projects that we will be working on. There will be meetings for each project on certain days, but those involved are welcome to work on them throughout the week.The subteams listed are the ones most associated with the project's skillset. However, team members are encouraged to choose the project they want to work on regardless of the subteam they are officially assigned to. To help you choose which project you want to work on, click here. The link will let you read about each project and see the requirements and timeline.

Los Angeles Regional Report

    MARCH 23, 2013
    The newly redesigned robot ranked 20 out of 65 teams. We were chosen to go to the quarter finals and came in 4th over all! Congratulations to all team members, especially the frizbee shooter design team. Through all your hard work, our robot was a success.

San Diego Report

    MARCH 9, 2013
    SD was much fun and a great teaching place. We ranked 39th of 60 teams with a 4-6-0 record. Oddly enough that was the EXACT same position we were in in 2011. That year we made changes over the 2 weeks between competitions and came back to make it to 4th at Los Angeles.

Bake Sale at CCHS Open House

    MARCH 6, 2013
    While most of the team was on its way to San Diego for competition, several team members who remained held a bake sale fubdraiser at the CCHS Open House making over $100. Thank you to everyone who helped out supplying time or baked goods or both. Special thanks to team member Amaris "Noodles" who organized, set up, supplied homemade candies, and did most of the selling.

FLL Practice Tournment

    NOVEMBER 10, 2012
    Several members of the team volunteered at the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Practice Tournament on November 10 at the Culver City Elks Lodge. FLL is the branch of FIRST Robotice for Elementary and Middle School age kids. The robots are built out of Legos and must perform several tasks autonomously (drives by itself with little or no interaction with the operator). Our team volunteered as referees, judges, and running the concession stand. Thank you to everybody who gave up their Saturday to help out.

Space Fest at the California Science Center

    NOVEMBER 2, 2012
    Several members of the team participated in the Space Fest event at the California Science Center celebrating the opening of the Space Shuttle Endeavor exhibit. Many elementary school students and teachers came to see the shuttle and all the exhibitors from the many companies that assist in the exploration of space. Team 702 was representing NASA's science and exploration directorate and made many future engineers even more fascinated by robotics and space exploration. The team also got the oportunity to see the shuttle which was amazing.

CCHS Haunted House presented by the Robotics Team

    OCTOBER 31, 2012
    The Haunted House Brought in $861. Thank you to all team members who gave up their lunch and after school time to make this a great success!

Fall Classic Robotics Competition

    October 27, 2012
    The team competed at the "Fall Classic" off season competition. For those of you who are professional sports fans, Fall Classic is like an exhibition game so it is more like practice and on a much smaller scale from the real competition. We were chosen by the 3rd seed alliance and came in 3rd. We also won another Judges design award for creativity in design.

CCHS Back to School Night Spaghetti Dinner

    OCTOBER 3rd 2012
    Our Semi-annual Spaghetti Dinner at Back to School Night was a great success. We made $432 and got complements from many customers. Thank you to all who donated food and time to this event.

CCHS Alumni Picnic

    The team ran a dessert and snack bar at the alumni picnic on Sunday September 30 at Culver City High School. Thank you to Arielle and Chris who stayed the whole day to run the stand and do robot demonstrations for the alumni in attendance. A big thank you to team dad Craig Singer who arranged for us to have this fundraising oportunity

Middle School Back to School Night

    SEPTEMBER 27, 2012
    The team held a bake sale and robot demonstration on Thursday, September 27 at Culver City Middle School. Members supplied many baked goods which we almost completely sold out of. Final earnings were $120. The demonstration was also a great success showing the many parents and middle school students what math, science, and engineering can do when applied.

Team Social with Torrbots

    August 25, 2012
    The team participated in the Torrbot, team 1197, team social and BBQ. All involved had fun with the name guessing game as well as the egg drop competition. We look forward to future social events and other oportunities for colaboration between our teams.

Robo Rally 2012

    August 18, 2012
    The Bagel Bytes particip[ated in the first annual RoboRally at La Canada High School. The newly refitted 2008 robot was running laps around the school track for 17 hours overnight from 5pm to 10 am the next day. Through comm issues, motor breakdowns, and electrical problems, the 3 teams and 2 robots in attendance gave it their all and earned money for all their respective teams. Thank you to team 2429 for hosting, team 589 for helping out, and everyone who was able to give some time to attend. Thank you to everyone who donated money to our team for this event. And a special thank you to team captain Arielle, former robot pilot Brian, and team mentor Kate for staying through the night to make this event happen.

Arielle's Summer Musical

    August 5, 2012
    Team Captain Arielle played the Big Bad Wolf and the voice of the Giantess in a production of the musical "Into the Woods" in the Norman J. Pattiz theater at Hamilton High School on August 4th and 5th. Congratulations!

Summer Cleaning

    July 13, 2012
    Thank you to everyone who found the time to come in and help out with Summer Cleaning this year. Special thanks go to Anneliese who came every day and Amaris who came nearly that many days. The cave has been thouroughly emptied, cleaned, and nearly finished reorganizing for a more useful storage room.

Former Member Baby Announcement

    July 5, 2012
    Congratulations to former Bagel Byte Kiara who just had her first daughter. Mother and baby are doing fine.

ROP Robotics Engineering Class at CCHS

    June 26, 2012
    The ROP Robotics Engineering Class at CCHS is officially approved. If you want to take the class next year and have not done so already, contact Davis so he can sign you up.More details will be posted here as they become available.

Taj Carter Wins Scholarship

    June 12, 2012
    Congratulations to Bagel Bytes Robotics Team 702 member Taj Carter, one of the Crescent Bay Optimist Club scholarship recipients. See picture here

Bagel Bytes is in the News!

    Thanks to team dad Craig Singer for getting us into Culver City Crossroads, they ran two articles! Look for the May 1 and April 27 articles. Thanks to team dad Nick Reynoza the team was also featured in the Culver City News, look for the May 3 edition, page 9. Great story about the team's trip to Championships.

Fundraising Drive Reaches Successful Conclusion

    Thanks to so many who donated, purchased baked goods and asked their friends. Our recent fundraising drive met it's goal. Leading the way was the Huang family, JPL, Google, Culver City Rotary and Culver City Education Foundation. The team so appreciates everyone's hard work and generosity.

Dunking in St. Louis

    F-cubed, our basketball dunking robot, eight team members, Coach Davis and five mentors made the trip to the FIRST Robotics World Championships held April 25-28 in St. Louis, MO. Culver City High School FIRST Robotics Team 702 competed in the Curie Division and finished 12th in a field of 100 robots from around the world. Playing a game based on basketball called "Rebound Rumble", the Bagel Bytes co-drivers, Anneliese Meyer and Brian Beallo, worked together like a well-oiled machine seeming to read each other's mind. Anneliese effectively controlled the basketball dunking mechanism dropping the ball into the hoop again and again. Brian ran the drive train and took gentle teasing from the team that he made the robot pirouette. Yet, because of his fast handling, the robot simply danced around any defense the opposing teams could throw at it. Team members Taj Carter and Brian were in charge of carefully lining up the robot on the playing field readying it for each match. Precision placement was required as the match begins with an autonomous mode - a 30 second period where the robot runs off of a set of pre-programmed commands. Kudos to team programmers Bianca Huang and Geronimo Lopez for their superb programming code and successful autonomous mode.

Bagel Bytes at LA Regional

    Bagel Bytes attended the FIRST Robotics Los Angeles Regionals March 15 - 17. We won the judges Creative Award for the simple yet effective design of our scoring mechanism. At the end of the qualifying matches, our team ranked 2nd and finished the competition 3rd place out of a field of 66 teams. Here is a movie of one of the qualifying matches:
    LA Competition Video

Bagel Bytes at San Diego Regional

    Team 702 attended the FIRST Robotics San Diego Regionals March 2-4. Our robot won the team's first award from the Judges - the Innovation in Control Award for the unique design of the shooting mechanism, omnidirectional drive, and effective use of sensors. Our team finished 4th place overall in a field of 56 robots. Watch the robot in action!
    San Diego Competition Video