Welcome to the Team 702 Blog Archive

  • Captains Log ~ 2-14-2016

    When I took over as captain of Team 702 in the spring of 2016 I had big shoes to fill. We had just come off of a very successful Ventura Regional, making our way to the semifinals The Metalcrafters and The Friarbots.

  • The Robots are going Hollywood ~ 9-9-2016

    Well, seeing as we live 5 minutes from a movie studio it was bound to happen. Hello again everyone! And by everyone I mean all those of you who actually still follow this blog... how many of you are there? Guess it doesn't matter since I'm going to write this anyway. School is back in and a new season of Culver City robotics is starting out as well. This of course means we have more stuff going on and it's time to get this blog going again.

  • Robot In 3 Days? ~ 5-24-2016

    For all of you who are not FRC veterans, there is a group online called "robot in 3 days" who after the FRIST game is revealed proceeds to build a robot to do that game in, you guessed it, 3 days. Maybe it is to inspire all the teams out there who can barely get a robot together in 6 weeks let alone 3 days. To me it seemed almost mocking us as they show off what they can do and usually have a robot that can score better than any of our robots. So I rarely look at the posts. Anyway, team 702 usually likes to find a way different approach to the game and seeing stuff like that can stifle creativity. (As well as making me want to stifle them right up their...)

  • Retrospect and Thoughts ~ 5-13-2016:

    Retrospect (n) - contemplation of the past; a survey of past time, events, etc.

    - dictionary.com

    The year has come to an end. After six weeks of planning, designing, building, testing, competing, and cheering we have come to the end of the 2016 FIRST Stronghold season. In my three years of being on the team, this year was the first year where I saw drive and determination in all of the eyes of my teammates. This year was our year to show what we were made of above all. We made this year like that, we wanted to prove ourselves to other teams, and, in some ways to ourselves, prove that we are still a team to be feared and still a team to be watched.

  • Reflections from the Past ~ 4-29-2016:

    Two posts in one day? It can't be! Well after being blank for a month I thought it would be ok. This was something I started on the team website before this blog and never got around to continuing. It's a segment remembering a robot from the past because it for some reason has worked its way into the present. Later I will post the first entry here but today I am going to talk about 2 robots, the 2008 "HR-702 S" and 2013 "Sir Nicholas".

  • If I hold a banana, can I have a name too? ~ 4-29-2016:

    It's been a while I know, seems like we dropped off the planet after competition. Well we didn't disappear but we were in recovery mode after the intense Ventura competition. Well we are back now and we were planning a leisurely post season project, play around with some ideas, mock them up, see if any work, and maybe use it next year. Pretty much a relaxing time in robotics...

  • We’re on our way, and ready to win! ~ 3-24-2016:

    Following our poor run in Los Angeles Competition, our team set our eyes towards the Ventura regional, our second stop on the road to FRC Regional Champions.

  • CLANG!!!! ~ 3-22-2016:

    That’s the answer to the question “What is the worst sound you can hear when the robot is being tested outside?” Why? Because that means they just rammed the robot into one of the steel supports holding up the outside roof.

  • Does HAL9000 Ring Any Bells? ~ 3-18-2016:

    With Ventura competition just around the corner, the robot had to be refined and fixed. Now, generally, this would be done before our first regional competition, but that would be much too easy and, therefore, unrealistic for a High School robotics team attempting to build a robot in six weeks (if I’ve learned anything in the three years of FIRST, that would be it). But good things come from refinement after competition. For us, the fact that the only things that needed to be looked at following competition were the arm and the shooter was a gift from robot heaven.

  • Don't. Panic. It's just failure. ~ 3-8-2016:

    Hello again from robot land! It’s been a while, how have you been? Hopefully good, because we have been as busy as ever preparing for the Long Beach Regional this week (March 10-12).

  • The Final Countdown (to midnight) ~ 2-23-2016:

    Yesterday the sky was falling for us. Our six week build period was suddenly coming to an end, our deadline was hit, and it seemed like there wasn’t enough time in the world for us to use.

  • It sheared off what?! ~ 2-17-2016:

    Testing can be a tedious process.

  • I need that part two hours ago! ~ 2-12-2016:

    And now, a tribute to both one of the loneliest and most popular people on the team… the CAD Master.

  • Rite of Passage ~ 2-11-2016:

    Throughout the years we here at Team 702 have developed many traditions that have come to pass year after year. One of those is our odd obsession with naming all new computers names that start with the letter s (again, as stated in a previous blog, we're weird, don't ask). Another is our naming of new members.

  • You did it, you broke the bloody robot! ~ 2-10-2016:

    Don’t worry, its not as serious as it sounds, but yes we broke the robot. I know what you are thinking, how can breaking the robot with a 6 week build schedule and a competition coming up soon not be a bad thing? We should be running around and screaming in panic like the classic scene from the Airplane! movie. Except there is no room for panic in robotics… ok if they become self aware and begin making terminators to hunt us- sorry, wrong robot again. Also, at least in this case, we actually wanted to break it in a way.

  • Phasers on Stun – 702’s New Laser Cutter! ~ 2-8-2016:

    That’s right, we’ve added a new weapon to our arsenal of machines- a laser cutter! Today was an exciting day, thanks to our awesome new mentor, Sabri, who donated this beautiful beast to the team. For those who don’t know, a laser cutter is a powerful computer controlled cutting machine, for plastics and wood. After several laborious hours of fumbling around with the software, we were finally able to get it up and running, and wow, we got amazing results!

  • Silly Boys, Saws are for Girls! ~ 2-4-2016:

    We have begun making the frame for the actual competition robot. I know what you're thinking. "Then what was that other robot that was posted a couple days ago?" Last year the team did something that was unheard of in the then 15 year history of the team... built 2 robots.

  • Revenge of the Bumpers ~ 2-3-2016:

    They're bigger! They're stronger! They're too much for Mr. In-... Wait, wrong robot. After taking a year off to go find themselves, bumpers have returned to the FIRST Robotics Competition.

  • Meet Scorpion 2.0 ~ 2-1-2016:

    Last year we were gifted a new computer for use in our CAD department. It was a pretty plain looking case, one that had no fancy bells or whistles, but it had the hardware to make up for it. It was named Scorpion in honor of the Mortal Kombat character

  • Collector/Arm Mechanism Are "Go" ~ 1-31-2016:

    When we got to work this afternoon, it seemed like it was going to be one of those days of progress. I'm sure we've all had them; You wake up and just feel good. Like you're going to get things done and it is going to work out alright. In a sense, that feeling was right. Except, to us, it was as if the that good feeling woke up today and had a glass of pure black coffee. What I'm trying to get at is, we rocked it today. And it honestly couldn't have gone any better.

  • 2009 Robot Found

    The 18 wheeler, our robot from 2009 was recently discovered in a store room at Culver City Middle School. That gave the web design team the oportunity to look back at 2009 and share some memories of a good but under appreciated year. 2009 was the 3rd robot under the new coach Davis. Coming on the heels of the incredible run of 2008, the team was eager to repeat the success of the previous year. However FIRSt threw a wrench into everyone's plans and made a drastic change to the field. Robots were restricted to 6 inch hard plastic wheels and the surface was a bumpy plastic found on some bathroom walls. (Including the CCHS School bathrooms) This is one of the few robots where the students did most of the designing. The primary designer was Sean "Deskwalker," Co-captain of the team. He designed both the ball collector and the delivery system. He was also the one who figured out how to make polycord work as a conveyor belt. In fact, his collector conveyor design was so good, it was modified and reused in 2012 to sweep nerf basketballs off the floor. Practices that year were in the cafeteria since it was the largest space with a similar slippery surface. We had to wait for the custodians to finish waxing the floor and then go in and test our drive. It was the first year of the new control system as well, which allowed us to drive with game controllers. unfortunately our co-pilot, Sam "Kirby" discovered the hard way that buttons have no analog control and the delivery motor was set too fast. He hit the button at scrimmage and the pvc ball delivery barrel spun so fast it shattered. No one was hurt, but it is said that a chunk of PVC is still embedded in the ceiling of that High School. If you read the profile of this robot on this site, you know that even though this robot was one of our best, it did not make the quarter finals. Even at fall classic, it did not succeed well. We were still proud of our design, but unfortunately, the wheels only worked on hard smooth surfaces so demos with that robot were impractical. It sat in the "cave" (our storeroom until 2015) until the team cleaned it out. Most of its useful electronics had already been stripped. The collector and polycord conveyor transferred to 2012 "F^3" robot. It was a tough decision but the team could not afford the space so 2009 was sent to the dumpster. Or so we thought... 3 years later at a CCMS bakesale for the team, Coach Davis was taken to a store room where "a robot seems to have been found" Who would have thought that it would ever return but there it was, wheeless, only frame and bumpers. It didn't seem right to banish it to the dumpster again after it escaped once. So it was sent to the robotics room where the team carefully disassembled it and put away all its parts. 2009 embodied the never say die attitude of the team, surviving competition and the trash heap. So now it waits in the cabinet for a future project where it can become something new and be useful once again.

  • 1-29-2016

    When Cooler Master became out new sponsor, they asked us to write a blog for their website. Then the Web Design team thought it might be useful to have the blog on our website too so all the parents and anyone else could follow our progress. So here we have the beginning of the Team 702 Blog. We will be posting updates and pictures here about our team and the progress we make toward this years FIRST Robotics challenge, FIRST Stronghold. This will be the page where old blog posts go after they roll off the front page of the website.