Robotics Summer schedule:

  • We have been getting an error messages on slack recently about space issues. Since we do not want to have to go to the paid service, we are shutting down the team slack for the next few weeks to see if we can fix the problem. There are no immediate robotics activities planned until August and if something comes up I will post it under announcements on the website. Please check the website regularly for any announcements or email me if you need information about something, and the website will announce when slack is back up.
  • Robotics is currently on break, we do not have anything scheduled until the dates below. Soon after the Cooler Master event ends we will be starting our summer projects.
  • Friday 6-14:
    5pm: Cooler Master Invitational publicity session. Only the overwatch team needs to attend.
  • Saturday 6-15 through Sunday 6-16:
    9am-10pm: Cooler Master Invitational. Any team members who wish to come cheer our Overwatch team on may come to the event. Those of you who ordered Jerseys, I will be picking them up when they come in and will lket all of you know how to get them here and on slack
  • Summer tryouts

    If you would like to try out for the robotics team this summer, please go under members, applications, and fill out the online application. New potential members may come any day of cleanup to begin the tryout process. Please fill out the application first though.
  • Championships

    We did extroninarily well at championships in St Louis. At one point we were ranked 3rd, and ended up ranked 27th out of 68 teams in the toughest division at the event. Everyone on the team should be very proud, the robot did everything we asked of it and more. It was never carried in a match, it was always a major contributor to every win. Now it is post season and as tests wind down, its time to start looking at finals, but also some projects we are doing to explore new ideas before the next build season.
  • Team nickname database is now online!

    There has been several requests for a history of team nicknames to be posted here, mostly because the only known record of all team nicknames (since 2007) is Coach Davis. It was also suggested that team members get to tell their own naming story, not just have Davis' version. So the Bagel Bytes Web Design Team has been collecting information from both current members as well as reaching out to any past members we could find.
    The results are under team info or just click here.
    We are far from done though so if you are a current or former member of team 702, please fill out the following form.
    Click here to get to the form.
    Unless of course you want to just have Davis' version to be remembered by.

Team 702 on Facebook


Welcome to the Culver City High School
Robotics Team Home

    Team 702

    Culver City High School's Team 702, The Bagel Bytes, is a student driven robotics team that works with engineering professionals and participates in the annual FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) Robotics competition. During a six week period students work in various sub teams of engineering (Computer Science, Mechanics, Electronics, CAD, Drive Train) to accomplish a task announced by FIRST and then compete at competitions near and far. The key to success for The Bagel Bytes? Hard work, determination and a wide range of backgrounds. Team 702 is proud to have team members who represent the LGBTQ+ community, smash gender barriers with a near perfect split in male to female membership and strive to help push forward the future of technology in their community and on a global scale.

Team 702 Blog

    We say goodbye to our 2017 robotics team graduates. As always, it is both a happy and sad moment when team members graduate. Their future is shining before them, and the team is now officially in their past. The stress, the excitement, the winning, and the losing, the successes and the failures, all of that now memories and hopefully good ones. This year we lose a huge group of our team, and although we will replace them with new members, we will miss them all for years to come. So here they are, Robotics graduating class of 2017:

    Cade "Airhorn" Head of Drive train

    Andi Publicity and Chairmans Team

    Ben "Professor Stickfigure" Programming, 2017 Human Player

    Katie "Fangirl" Drivetrain, team artist, streaming manager

    Johhny Programming

    Maki "Weeaboo" Programming

    Pablo "Scooter" Mechanics, 2017 Co-Driver

    Rosa "Piintsized" Head of Publicity, Chairman's Team

    Phoebe "The Dealer" Publicity, 2017 Human Player Pilot, Chairman's Team, insane bolt sorter

    Zach "Box Squat" Drive Train, 2017 Human Player Pilot

    Ezra "Zelda" Head Programmer, Tracking System Inventor, Overwatch Team Captain, Dungeon Master, FLL mentor, Half of the Bagel Bytes web design team, Defeater of Mechanum Drive, Master of Lidar and Pixy, Writer of milions of lines of code, Maker of my best 4 years on the team, and 2017 team captain!

    You will all be missed!
    CCHS Robotics Team 702 | Coach
  • Newsletter to all team parents from the Coach

    Hello robotics team parents. It has been a busy 2 weeks since spring break and now that some of the dust has settled, I thought it was time to send out another update.

  • Newsletter #6 to all team parents from the Team Captain

    Team 702 Parents,

    We have just rounded out the fourth week of our robotics build season. The work your students have been putting in has helped push us to where we stand now; entering the final design stages for our shooting mechanism and finishing the overall frame and mechanisms of our competition-ready robot. We are making very good time as it stands, so please be sure to take some time and let your student know how awesome they are for their tremendous efforts.

  • Newsletter #5 to all team parents from the Team Captain

    Team 702 Parents,

    Things have been busy here in Room 91, and it will only continue to get busier as season progresses. I want to apologize for being late on getting this out to you all; we've all been hard at work.

  • Final thoughts for 2016

    As we approach the new year, and for robotics teams that would be January 7, not the 1st because that's when build season starts, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on all the craziness that made up 2016 for team 702.

  • Newsletter #4 to all team parents from the Team Captain

    Team 702 Parents,

    The end of the fi​​rst semester has come! I hope your students prepared well for their finals. With the end of the first semes​​ter comes the new year, and with the new year comes the FRC Build Season! Our countdown until Kickoff gets closer and closer with every day, so here's some information on the robotics schedule as it stands.
  • Newsletter #3 to all team parents from the Team Captain

    Happy Holidays from Team 702!

    I would like to personally wish you, and your family, a great Thanksgiving break. Although we only had two days of school this week, our Monday meeting was as busy as ever, and I had a lot of important information to talk about.

  • Newsletter #2 to all team parents from the Team Captain

    I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.

    I apologize for being late on this newsletter, I had a particularly busy weekend and had little opportunity to finish this in time. I want to make sure that this is informative as possible, so please excuse the wait.

    During the meeting today, I brought up a couple important topics with your students.

  • Letter to all team parents from the Team Captain

    Good evening Parents and Guardians, My name is Ezra, I am a senior at Culver City High School, and the captain of the robotics team your child is a part of. For those of you who are returning parents; welcome back! I am very excited to continue working with your child and competing with them in the coming months. For those of you who are new parents; thank you for letting your child be a part of this exciting and demanding experience. I hope this is a great learning experience for them and something they'll continue to be passionate about throughout their time here.

  • Past blog entries can be found in our blog archive.